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As parents, we’ve all seen moments in our children’s lives — a funny or out-of-place comment, a quiet moment, or a gesture of kindness — that gave us pause. With the best of intentions, we tried to preserve these moments but then, as is all too often the case, life got in the way.

This is why this service was born — so that parents who are so busy and so time-strapped with the responsiblities of parenthood can document and preserve all the natural and authentic moments (and the everyday ones) that go by way too fast.


Rather than simply photograph what your family looks like at a very specific minute in a photo studio (where they could be sleepy, sniffly, cranky, or otherwise not particularly in the mood to be photographed), we aim to take a “slice of life” approach to tell the story of what this moment of time in the life of your family actually feels like and is like.

Happy, hectic, challenging, joyous, silly — it’s about being real… so that, for better or worse, you can stay emotionally connected to this time for years to come.


Ever feel like you don’t have the eye to get the kind of photos that accurately represent your life? Or that one parent isn’t in any of the pictures because they're always busy behind the camera?

As your personal family photographer, one of us will tell the story of your family through a series of unobtrusively-taken still photographs… either on a single day or periodically over months (or even years) so you can record and savor the changes.

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The Process


Every family has a story to tell — one that a session in a photo studio can’t possibly convey. In documenting the lives of my own children over the past 3 years, I’ve found that the most touching moments are the ones that came up spontaneously. Whether it’s a “typical” day around the house (complete with meal/bedtime rituals, playdates with friends, errands, tantrums, etc.) or a visit with your extended family, I will capture the humor, emotion, and intimate connections that made the day special.

A Unique Approach

One of us will spend a full day or a half day (for more details, see Services & Costs) with your family… wherever you choose. And that’s where the planning stops — because, as the day unfolds, so too will the natural rhythm of how this process works. The style is such that, before long at all, you and your family won’t feel the presence of the photographer at all. You’ll just go about the routine of your day and then, in a couple of weeks when you receive the proofs, you’ll wonder where you were when all these great and meaningful photographs were being taken.


"I've been photographing since I was 14. I rarely go anywhere without my camera and, if I do, I usually regret it.

At any given moment, I’m working on a number of other projects besides photographing families and you can see examples of my outside work here. In addition, I’ve also been the Creative Director of my own graphic design business for over 18 years — which makes me uniquely qualified to offer my photography clients a variety of different products and services."


"I am a documentary photographer and have been published countless times in the New York Times, People Magazine and other news and editorial publications during my 20 year career. I'm grateful for, and humbled by, the prestigious awards I've won and the highly-regarded galleries that have shown my work.

On a personal level, I'm a longtime DUMBO parent and have spent years documenting my own family and the families of friends."

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Recent Work

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Great Ideas


As mentioned elsewhere, the concept behind this service is to tell the story of both the special and everyday moments in the life of your family. This could mean recording the ebb and flow of your typical day, or photographing an event or activity in context… such as:

  • Visit with grandparents or other family members (preparing, packing up, getting there, visiting, meals, etc.)
  • The early days at home with a new addition to the family (leaving the hospital, arriving home, getting settled, receiving visitors, the first night home, etc.)
  • Celebrating a first (or early) birthday party (getting ready beforehand, baking the cake, packing the treats, enjoying the party itself, relaxing back at the house afterwards and recapping with the relatives, opening the presents, etc.)

Family daytrips, shopping for toys, leaving for first day of school… no matter how you choose to structure the day — or if you choose to not structure it at all — the photos won’t be posed or staged. They’ll simply be a narrative record of how you spent this exciting time together.

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Services & Costs


Our fees vary depending based on whether you'd like one photographer or two... and whether we're doing a full day session (8–10 hours) or a half. Regardless, the following is always included:

A custom-designed Blurb, Asuka, or iPhoto book with approximately 45–55 (full-day) or 30–35 (half-day) photographs, along with a CD containing those (and other) high-resolution, color-corrected images, and a password-protected online gallery for you to view and share with friends and family.

Please contact us for more details or to see sample books.

Booking: Available for weekday or weekend appointments. Short-notice sessions are possible, so please contact us to check availability.

Terms: 25% due at booking. 25% due day of session. Balance due upon receipt of final book/images. Sessions are only fully refundable 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment.

Additional AVAILABLE ServicES

Multi-session Packages: To track the growth of your family, you can schedule six sessions over any time period (i.e. one session per month for six months; two sessions per year for three years, etc.). Contact us for specific terms or additional ideas.

Gallery-quality Prints: Available in a variety of sizes and paper choices.

Websites and Blogs: We can design a family website ( or blog so that you can share the photos with friends and family and easily update yourself on an ongoing basis. Prices depend on ultimate scope, so contact us for details.

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Get Started

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